Tile to Metal Roof Replacement

Switching from tile to metal roof replacement Geelong is a huge undertaking you don’t want to take chances with.

Choosing the first random roofing contractor you come across without doing due diligence can land you in trouble. You may end up inflating your budget unnecessarily.

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Custom-tailored Tile to Metal Roof Replacement

Geelong Roofing has been providing tile to metal roof replacement services for decades in the area. Our experience, workmanship, and high-quality work speak for itself, and it has helped us become the go-to roof replacement company in Geelong and neighboring areas.

Replacing the tile roof is essential in Geelong for many reasons, including the volatile weather here. It would invariably age your tile roof much sooner than expected, leading to expensive repair and maintenance costs. It is a necessary investment you must make today before it leads to irreversible damage to your property’s structural integrity and drains your pocket.

At Geelong Roofing, we provide custom-tailored tile to metal roof replacement Geelong services you can count on.

However, before we go further, let us answer the big question here, which is:

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Why Opt for Tile to Metal Roof Replacement Geelong?


Tiled roofs bring with them a number of issues that need regular maintenance and unwanted expenses for roof repairs. You don't want to worry about spending on roof maintenance every time it rains heavily or there's a severe hail storm, do you?

Sagginess & Leakage

Tiled roofs are heavy and can cause alignment issues or hold water, causing sagging or leakage. It not only gives an ugly appearance to your roof but causes functional problems.

Tiles Roofs Are Heavy

A tiled roof is as it is quite heavy but absorbs water during rain and storms, making the roof even heavier. It leads to problems that eventually require underlayment replacement and sagginess that negatively impacts your property's curb appeal. The water leakage can impact other components of your property's structure, hampering its overall integrity. It would invariably add to your repair and maintenance costs.

Cracks & Algae Growth

The tiles are also prone to get cracked and need replacement and are known to get pretty dirty, requiring frequent cleaning and washing to avoid algae growth.

At Geelong Roofing, we provide end-to-end tile to metal roof replacement services for commercial and residential properties.

If you are considering replacing your tile roof with metal, our outstanding roofing team is second to none. Geelong Roofing is qualified and has years of experience in tile to metal roof replacement for Australian-designed homes.

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What are the Benefits of Colorbond Metal Roof over Tile Roofing?

Concrete or terracotta roof have been used for centuries in Geelong and offer a very traditional look. But they come with their share of problems, as mentioned above. Colorbond metal roof was developed about 50 years, and its hi-tech manufacturing process makes it an outstanding product.

Some of the reasons why our experts recommend Colorbond metal roof when replacing the old tiled roof are:


Colorbond is 90% lighter than tiled roofs. It means your building structure is not subjected to heavy load, and installation of metal roofs is much easier.


The tiled roof is prone to damage due to extreme Australian weather. But, Colorbond has a life expectancy of over 70 years and is far more reliable.

Water Collection

Older tile roofs absorb a lot of water and add to the roof's weight, resulting in dirt-build up and encouraging mould and mosses. But you can easily collect clear water from your Colorbond roof for household use.


Tile roofs often crack, exposing the sub-roofing to more damage. Walking on the roof is enough to crack the tiles. Colorbond is a low-maintenance solution and just needs cleaning periodically.


Tiled roofs are installed with plain foil and sometimes without them. Colorbond roofs need to be installed with insulation blankets, providing acoustic and thermal protection.

Design Flexibility

Colorbond roofs offer much more flexibility in terms of designs than tile roofs. Colorbond provides many more color and profile choices.

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Is Colorbond Roof Difficult To Install Than Tiles?

For experienced roofers like ours, installing a Colorbond roof is a breeze. As with any other roofing material, it is critical to install the Colorbond roof according to the manufacturer’s instructions and building code.

The lightweight and cut-to-length Colorbond sheets allow them to be installed quickly by fewer people than tiled roofs.

Also, metal roofs are highly resistant to damage from tradespeople walking or working on them. On the other hand, tiles are fragile and can be easily damaged by tradespeople walking on your roof.

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What is the Cost of Changing a Tile Roof to a Metal Roof?

The first question we get from people looking for tile to metal roof replacement is – how much will it cost? But, there are a number of variables to consider before we provide you with an accurate cost.

However, we can assure you that a tile-to-metal roof replacement is a wise investment you will not regret making.

Trusted Tile to Metal Roof Replacement in Geelong

Trust Geelong Roofing with Your Tile to Metal Roof Replacement

Geelong Roofing has the experience necessary to undertake tile to metal roof replacement on commercial and residential properties, irrespective of the scale or complexity. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded roof replacement company that has helped hundreds of properties in Geelong replace their tile roof with robust Colorbond metal roofs.

We ensure a seamless transition from your tile roof and take care of the entire process in a streamlined manner. From consultation to tile roof removal and Colorbond metal roof installation and cleanup after the installation, everything is taken care of to ensure you have a robust roof that offers complete protection for ages to come.

Go for tile to metal roof replacement Geelong, and you’ll be glad you made the decision.

Do not let your problematic tile roof get any worse.
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