Asbestos Roof Removal​

Although previously thought to be an excellent material for roofs, asbestos is deemed dangerous due to its toxic properties. It is best to have your asbestos roof replaced with something much better and also safer – as soon as you have confirmed asbestos in your roof.

Geelong Roofing Has Years of Experience

Safely Remove The Asbestos-containing Roof

Geelong Roofing has years of experience in offering asbestos roof removal and replacement services. We have a dedicated team of experts who can help safely remove the asbestos-containing roof. Our workmanship and roofing materials come with a standard industry warranty, ensuring you get full value for your money.

Trust Geelong Roofing for asbestos roof removal Geelong, and you’ll be glad you did.

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Why Replace Your Asbestos Roof?

Until the mid-1980s, Australia was among the highest user of asbestos in the world. Asbestos is a natural mineral fiber that is popular in building materials.

But, as further studies revealed the highly dangerous and toxic side of the material, it was banned, leaving behind many homes and commercial buildings with this dangerous material.

It means if you have a house that is older than 40 years old, there are high chances of it containing asbestos. Inhaling asbestos can lead to numerous health risks, as mentioned earlier, and going for asbestos roof removal Geelong is a wise solution to choose.

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Why Do You Need Licensed Asbestos Roof Removal Experts?

If your roofing structure is damaged in any way, asbestos dust particles can be discharged into the air and could be inhaled by the residents. Since asbestos is highly poisonous and its exposure can cause a number of life-threatening diseases, it’s best to hire professional experts with modern equipment, expertise, and skills necessary to carry out the asbestos roof removal safely and seamlessly.

When the asbestos roof is not removed properly, it might be risky and expensive due to its high health risks and the complicated rules in Geelong. If not done properly, it may even attract hefty penalties. But, when handled by professionals and with the right tools, you can save a lot of money and headache.

Our experts at Geelong Roof adhere to the safety requirements laid down by the Australian Work Health and Safety Act, ensuring the asbestos roof removal Geelong is done in compliance with the safety guidelines.

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Our Strict Safety Protocol

Asbestos is unlike any other roofing material because of its toxic characteristics. Asbestos roof removal needs specialized expertise that follows strict safety protocols for the safety of the roofers and the occupants.

At Geelong Roofing, we go to lengths to ensure every asbestos roof removal Geelong project is undertaken with the utmost sincerity. Every measure is taken to achieve the desired objectives without compromising the safety of the occupants, workers, and community.

Some of the safety protocols we follow include:

A certified and qualified supervisor is assigned to every asbestos roof removal Geelong job to ensure all the regulatory and safety guidelines are duly followed. All the workers on the site for asbestos roof removal are specially trained and are experienced in carrying out the job safely.

We take special care in ensuring the safety of the people in the area. We put posters around the work area, indicating the sensitive nature of the work being carried out. Access to the work site is limited for a specific period. It helps alert people in the vicinity to stay away from the site for the effective period till asbestos roof removal Geelong is in process.

We strive for the safety of house occupants as well as our workers. The occupants are relocated for the period asbestos roof removal is in process. Our asbestos roof removal experts provide compliant respirators, ensuring their safety and well-being.

The asbestos roof, once removed, is covered with a plastic sheet to prevent any release into the air and the environment. We bag up all the materials for disposal at a specific licensed location.

Asbestos is a challenging material to deal with. But we are trained and well equipped to remove your asbestos roof safely. We are the best in the business!

Innovative and Energy-efficient Roof

Get a Safe & High-Quality Colorbond Roof

Once the asbestos roof is carefully removed from your property, our team can install an innovative and energy-efficient Colorbond roof over your home. It is a tried and tested material that is perfect for the Australian weather.

We offer a choice of over 22 colors and multiple profiles to help you set the theme for your entire home. It will not only improve your home’s appearance but also increase your property’s value.

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At Geelong Roofing, we are committed to completing every asbestos roof removal project to the highest possible standards and charge competitive prices for all our services. We understand that asbestos is dangerous, and you only want to work with the most experienced and qualified roofing contractor Geelong!

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